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Matcha Tea Powder vs. Green Tea: What’s the Difference?

If you wonder what the difference is between matcha tea powder and green tea, you’re not alone. While these two superfoods seem similar and both come from green tea leaves, they have distinct flavors, textures, colors and preparation methods.   However, the greatest difference between matcha powder and green tea can be found in their unique nutritional profiles. Learn what separates the two drinks below, and choose the right superfood for you. COLOR Matcha tea powder appears brighter green than ordinary green tea, which can look brown and dull. The vibrant color comes from the high levels of chlorophyll, a powerful polyphenol. TASTE Most people agree that premium grades of matcha taste better than green tea, which has a tendency to taste bitter. Ceremonial grade...

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How to make vanilla matcha ice cream

You will need:  -Ingredients: 2 Chashaku scoops of ceremonial grade matcha powder (around 1 teaspoon). 130g of premium vanilla ice cream   -Utensils: A large bowl.  A Chashaku (Traditional Bamboo Scoop).  A tablespoon or any utensil to mix the ice cream with the matcha. How to Prepare: Lightly pound the ice cream in the large bowl.  Add the matcha powder. Mix well.  Refreeze or enjoy immediately! Where To Buy Matcha?  Have a Good Matcha Morning! More Matchaful Blogs  

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Two traditional ways to make matcha tea drinks

1- Koicha How to make  Koicha? A cup of Koicha is comparable to a coffee Espresso, in other words, it's a matcha shot. A Koicha drink is notably strong, thick and viscous. It can be drunk by itself like a coffee espresso or used in drinks like matcha lattes and smoothies.  How to prepare a Koicha drink? You will need:  -Ingredients: 4 Chashaku scoops of ceremonial grade matcha powder (1.5; 2 teaspoons). 40ml of water (not hotter than 70°C) -Utensils: A Cha Wan (Traditional A Traditional Bamboo Whisk A Chashaku (Traditional Bamboo Scoop) How to Prepare: Add the matcha powder in the Cha wan  Add the water  Start blending with the whisk and make sure you blend any kind of lumps and residue...

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